eating trash

everything i do is for my own self-satisfaction
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◆ "We expected a professional pitch from Kojima, an outline and a treatment of what he had in mind with a cursory budget; perhaps a couple assistants to run a slide show. Instead Kojima walked in the room without so much as a piece of paper. He went to the chalk board in the room and simply wrote the words SILENT HILL. Then he added an ‘S’ to make SILENT HILLS. Dramatically, he drew two vertical lines through the ‘S’, SILENT HILL$. He turned around and grinned. We greenlit the project that day for $200 million."



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people asking me what kind of music i like is such a stressful experience

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this isnt even my final aesthetic

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sex tip!! when he puts it in, yell ‘what are u doing in my swamp’


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when you die and become a ghost are you forced to wear what you were wearing when you died for eternity or can you go to like Ghost Gap and buy some new ghost clothes

if theres ghost capitalism i swear to fuck ill be so mad

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